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Pima native americans

pima native americans

With two distinct backgrounds and cultures, the Community is comprised of two Native American tribes: the Pima, "Akimel O'Odham" (River People) and the. Pima, North American Indians who traditionally lived along the Gila and Salt rivers in Arizona, U.S., in what was the core area of the prehistoric Hohokam culture. Culture, history and genealogy of the Pima Indians. pima native americans Pima Indians ('no,' in the Nevome dialect, a word incorrectly applied According to tradition the Pima tribe had its genesis in the Salt River. Pima, frompinyi-match, "I don't know" (a reply to early questioners). The Pima were originally called Akimel O'odham, or River People, and they are also known. Culture, history and genealogy of the Pima Indians.

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