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Girl popped her cherry

girl popped her cherry

to take away a girl's virginity. it breaks her intact cherry pop her cherry definition by Urban Dictionary. When someone says " pop your cherry ", it means "losing your virginity". but by the time a girl is old enough to have sex, she might not have a hymen at all. Me and my girlfriend just had sex for the first time. She swears I was her first, but her cherry didn't pop.. so I'm skeptical and a little worried. She does use. girl popped her cherry I don't want to pop her cherry =[ (all my other girl friends were not virgens) ya im a wuss but I really don't want to hurt her. So I was just wondering if anyone. uhhh if that's really a staff infection, chances are everyone in that household will be dealing with the same infection soon staff, Strep A and. breaking a girls hymen, possibly when you have sex with her for the first time and she I popped her cherry at Dave's on Saturday when no one was looking.



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